A Sleelhead Named Due

The picture attached is of Due – properly named. Due was a 20+ pound native steelhead nearly 40 inches long. He was caught on 10 lbs test line:-) When be breached, it wasn’t the little splash you generally hear when a fish takes flight it was more accurately a thud on top of the water. He took nearly 30 minutes to land and we had to chase him down the river twice and move a third time to get out of the current so I could get him to the boat to be netted.

In 2004, prior to Christmas, we averaged several hook-ups per day and fish landed on every trip. Following Christmas, I fished for several days and only landed one fish (a native I released). I would return home “exhausted and battered”. In the end, I was sent away at 4:30 AM for yet another “grueling” day on the river with, “I don’t even know why you go, you never catch anything”. I simply smiled and replied, “I’m due”.



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